Elana’s Experience

When I first discovered Shane’s pain management course, I’d been suffering from chronic pain for a number of years. The pain was getting worse and I was feeling despondent. From the start, Shane challenged my accepted ideas around pain and gave me hope that I might one day be pain-free.

Shane’s approach to pain management is multi-modal; he shares information, works on the breath to settle the nervous system, and focuses on posture, gentle movement and strength-building. He has a wealth of knowledge about the human body and knows how difficult – and yet, how fundamental – it is to start thinking differently about pain.

Shane’s superpowers are his compassion and intuition. He just seemed to know what I needed from week to week, and he adjusted our sessions accordingly. Shane was always available to answer my questions between sessions, and he continues to encourage me to explore new ways to change my pain experience. I’m so grateful to have Shane guiding me on my pain management journey.