The Shapes of Stories 

Above is a summary of graphs adapted from Kurt Vonnegut’s presentation on the Shapes of Stories. His presentation is brilliantly funny (and short) and you can watch it here. These graphs got me thinking about how all of us would display the ups and downs of our lives. Do we fit a profile like the ‘best … Read more

Meditation, A Hard Sell

Someone: I feel tired all the time, I’ve too many things in my head, I forget so much stuff. I don’t even know how I cope, I am stressing about stressing too. Me: I can help you with the stress, we can calm your fight or flight response, manage your nervous system? Someone: Yeah, I’m so irritable these … Read more

Is Mind Wandering Useless?

In the busyness of life, it is hard to let the mind just be. Our conditioning leads us to believe that we need to be constantly productive, otherwise our purpose/contribution is in question. But what is happening when we are not actively thinking or problem solving?  Neuroscientists once believed that when you are not actively … Read more

Is Meditation Selfish?

There is a lot going on in the world and there have been major changes to how we live over the last few years. These changes have drastically impacted people’s lives.  When people see that I don’t react to these events like many others, they may think meditation has made me less caring, less passionate and … Read more