Growth Mode

Last month I spoke about survival mode and how it closes your life in. When you use calming practices like breathwork and meditation you will start to quell this survival mode and the appetite to grow will emerge. We understand a lot about the stages of childhood development and growth but growing as an adult gets less attention. … Read more

Survival Mode

In survival mode, people are often grasping for control, certainty and routine. It can be associated with feeling busyness and anxiety. Survival mode keeps perception in the short term, the nervous system is primed to absorb a lot of information quickly for your protection. In this mode life tends to close in, the busyness becomes all consuming … Read more

The Awareness Hill

Starting to look inside yourself can be intimidating and a little overwhelming. It usually begins with becoming more aware of habits and thoughts that are deeply ingrained. Habits that previously fell below the radar of your conscious mind are now being reflected upon either in the moment or shortly afterwards. This can feel taxing for … Read more

Meditation and Brain Waves

There are some common elements of meditation that make meditation less abstract and you understand what meditations are trying to achieve for both the conscious and subconscious mind. Having an understanding of the different types of brain waves that occur during meditation and during life will be helpful.  The dominant brainwaves you are using right now while reading … Read more

Stress – Rest – Repeat

Stress has fallen into a largely negative hole. Everyone is experiencing it but trying to avoid it. They are having thoughts that stress is completely undesired and is harmful and even damaging to us.  Certain levels of stress are completely within our ability to endure or even excel in. Feeling stress can be great for … Read more

Is Acceptance the Same as Giving Up?

People will often advise you that you need to accept certain things. This is very true but can feel unhelpful. Acceptance isn’t something that comes naturally to many. In competitive societies, we are instilled with ideas about ‘mastering your own destiny’ and ‘getting what you want out of life’ or if you do certain things … Read more

Regaining Free Will

When you start to realise, the role the subconscious mind plays in your everyday decisions, it becomes clear that you are not always acting from a logical and rational perspective.  Many of our most instinctive behaviours that were learnt during our early lives are still a major part of our personality. Over the last few … Read more