Pain Management

This course will empower you to understand what is influencing your pain and how to reduce its impact on your life. The main areas these sessions cover are as follows:

  • Understanding your pain history and the initiating factors
  • Explore your current risk and protective factors
  • Explain the physiology and psychology of pain processes
  • Demonstrate the role the subconscious mind plays in the pain experience
  • Investigate how habits and behaviors influence the nervous system
  • A range of meditation and breathing techniques aligned with pain management
  • The knowledge to change your relationship with pain and your nervous system

One to One

Six One hour sessions plus a follow up one month after

Investment: Online $650 In person $800

Courses and sessions can be customised at any time.


With over 3000 peer reviewed papers concluding that meditation truly enhances the mind, reduces stress levels and increases the neurotransmitters associated with well being, it is definitely time to start.

This course will cover: 

  • How meditation works
  • Effects and benefits
  • Learning the techniques
  • Finding calm
  • Managing emotions
  • Mastering Stress and Fear
  • Cultivating self compassion and self worth
  • Continued support during and after the course

One to One

Six One hour sessions

Online $650 In person $800


Breath techniques can quickly intervene in stress and anxiety, decrease the vigilance of restless minds and produce powerful states of wellbeing. It is amazing what changing the flow of oxygen can do to your mind and body.

This course will cover: 

  • Reconditioning your breathing
  • Gaining movement and space around the belly, chest and shoulders
  • Background of prana and pranayama
  • Learning to practice a wide range of breathing techniques

One to One

Four One hour sessions

Online $450 In person $600