Is Mind Wandering Useless?

In the busyness of life, it is hard to let the mind just be. Our conditioning leads us to believe that we need to be constantly productive, otherwise our purpose/contribution is in question. But what is happening when we are not actively thinking or problem solving?  Neuroscientists once believed that when you are not actively … Read more

Is Meditation Selfish?

There is a lot going on in the world and there have been major changes to how we live over the last few years. These changes have drastically impacted people’s lives.  When people see that I don’t react to these events like many others, they may think meditation has made me less caring, less passionate and … Read more

Pain – Look! But Not Just There

Spontaneous pain will arise from time to time during your life. Spontaneous meaning there is not a clear cause for the pain. You haven’t broken your leg or burnt your hand. You will sometimes simply wake up with pain or it will come on gradually without a known reason.  When this happens it’s a wake … Read more

Emotional Competence

A major part of moving inwards to uncover the workings of our bodies and minds is our ability to understand our emotional landscape. Our conditioning often leaves us in a place where we strive for happiness and avoid sadness or other emotions such as anger, resentment, jealousy. Our desire to experience happiness or feeling we deserve to feel happiness … Read more

The Awareness Hill

Starting to look inside yourself can be intimidating and a little overwhelming. It usually begins with becoming more aware of habits and thoughts that are deeply ingrained. Habits that previously fell below the radar of your conscious mind are now being reflected upon either in the moment or shortly afterwards. This can feel taxing for … Read more

Where Do You Feel Pain?

Pain, particularly pain that becomes chronic can have a strong impact on your life and perception of the world. When the pain experience is persistent, it becomes part of your identity. Many conditions where chronic pain is one of the main symptoms have no cure. These conditions are managed by drugs that relieve the symptoms … Read more

Meditation and Brain Waves

There are some common elements of meditation that make meditation less abstract and you understand what meditations are trying to achieve for both the conscious and subconscious mind. Having an understanding of the different types of brain waves that occur during meditation and during life will be helpful.  The dominant brainwaves you are using right now while reading … Read more

Stress – Rest – Repeat

Stress has fallen into a largely negative hole. Everyone is experiencing it but trying to avoid it. They are having thoughts that stress is completely undesired and is harmful and even damaging to us.  Certain levels of stress are completely within our ability to endure or even excel in. Feeling stress can be great for … Read more