The hidden nature of chronic pain breathes uncertainty.

Its relationship with the mind and nervous system means treating chronic pain is highly complex.

However, through understanding the processes involved one can move past this complexity and

manage pain with straightforward but effective methods.

Pain Management

Understanding the physiology and psychology of pain allows the uncertainty of chronic pain to become more tangible. Coupled with a variety of evidence based techniques to influence the pain experience you can move past the agony and feel confident managing and treating your pain.


Finding a calmer more relaxed state of being removes the barriers to unlocking your true potential. Whether it’s to ease stress, anxiety, improve creativity or move beyond fear, Try Softer meditation courses create a resilient mindset to meet the demands of modern life.


Using both ancient and contemporary breath techniques which influence your nervous system. These techniques bring about states that encourage your lust for life, athletic performance, relaxation and energy levels.

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